Welcome To Oh YES! Chats...

a groundbreaking podcast delving into three intriguing subjects that were once considered taboo: God, Sex, and Money. Our mission is to fearlessly challenge conventional beliefs while embracing fresh perspectives, all in a genuine and enlightening manner.

Dive into the conversations between three women who are experts in their fields.

We love talking about the things we've been "shhhhhhed" for a long time

Collectively, we wanted to create a space for contemplation and consideration for issues that often end up "swept under the rug." So as you listen in to us, we hope that the perspectives that we share give you food for thought, a bit of humor and a lot of space for reflection. 

Feel free to drop us a note below about a potential show topic that you'd like to see us cover!

Megha Bradley


Tina Lilly


Lisa Biles Thomas


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*Oh YES! Chats is a podcast by Lisa Thomas, Megha Bradley and Tina Lilly, based solely on our own experiences and perspectives on the topics at hand. These chats should not be construed as professional advisement in anyway.

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